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Anime Smash Beta Released

2009-04-13 13:18:29 by Gamebrew

What happens when you get make a fighting game with female versions of your favorite anime characters? You get Anime Smash Beta! Use extreme combos and supers to defeat your opponents. This beta prototype only has 2 characters that why I put the word BETA there. Sumimasen!

Play it here check out the blog

Anime Smash Beta Released


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2009-07-01 00:16:55

Looks sweet, dude!!!


2009-07-04 08:16:48

not bad


2009-08-26 19:01:18

This is really good for only having 2 playable chracters, and it is a shame you say that the game won't be finished.

Mind if I ask why?


2009-08-27 12:41:07

eh? y r all the guy characters girls? i can guess that the naruto characters can b cause of their... eh watever... looks like a good game. hope its fun. ninjitsu


2009-08-27 16:18:50

come on this is a sweet game people like to play that you created it has to be finish


2009-08-27 17:31:01

i played it and i thought it was a great game i don't understand why you won't finish but i guess you have your reasons ether way it was great


2009-08-27 18:21:19

please i want to know the reason why you don't finish such masterpiece


2009-08-28 05:03:03

That's actually pretty fun.. a lot of different moves available unlike those other flash games with only 3 moves. Maybe get more anime characters from different animes? It's really weird how you changed guys into girls.. I mean... really weird.


2009-08-28 08:18:26

FREAJUN FINNISH YOU LAZY MOTHER FUCKER! nah just kidding but i wish you would finnish i actually wanted to play it but nooo only 2 people makes me a sad girl >:(


2009-08-28 23:53:06

Hey this game is so sweet. It's really really good. Why did you decide to stop though? It would've been a an even greater piece of work, not that its not fantabulous.


2009-08-29 05:26:40

Even with just two characters, its an excellent game. I really hope circumstances change and you might be able to complete it !

Regardless, it's a cracking piece of work, thanks for sharing it on NG !



2009-08-30 21:35:58

My God man you are talented, Dude! Just Playing with Naruta and Sasuki was awesome, then I thought Omg, what if I could use Ichiga and Grimm Jane o_o
I almost s*** my pants dood. Good Work.


2009-09-01 23:39:43

Its a great game with even 2 characters!
Hope something will change and you can make it though... its great


2009-10-12 23:45:18

....... finish the game >:(


2009-11-27 04:01:23

Looks amazing is amazing but you really should complete it


2009-12-30 22:36:23

please finish it >< man it would make all of us really happy ^^ !!!!!!!


2010-06-19 18:59:05

Dude it's pretty fucking cool; maybe just a bit too tough without a real tutorial, though. Also, couldn't you put them in skimpier outfits? xD


2010-07-14 14:17:34

Maybe looks good and has many moves, but dude, one button to win the whole game? I expected something harder.

I am NOT begging you to complete this game (Not because it is so bad, i'm no brat, that's it).

I personally found Naruta better as for being able to clone herself, with the exception that the ghosts had little HP.

Too ordinary.

Overall, bad-to-average game.

(PS: I beat arcade untouched.)


2010-09-18 18:41:34

give the rights to the to someone else so it can be finished not me though i suck at scripting i have never made an online game