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New Flash Programming Blog!

2011-07-10 23:50:58 by Gamebrew

Well, it's been a long time. I've decided to make a Flash games and mobile games programming blog. Go there for some useful information on how to program Flash for mobile devices. Check it out at:

Anime Smash Beta Released

2009-04-13 13:18:29 by Gamebrew

What happens when you get make a fighting game with female versions of your favorite anime characters? You get Anime Smash Beta! Use extreme combos and supers to defeat your opponents. This beta prototype only has 2 characters that why I put the word BETA there. Sumimasen!

Play it here check out the blog

Anime Smash Beta Released

Web work:

2008-07-08 13:41:47 by Gamebrew

Been doing some web work instead of Flash nowadays. I created a new community site just for girls click to check it out Games for Girls. Of course please visit my site Flash Games to play some of the best flash games out there too! Thanks!

The sequel to Matrix Rampage is here and on the front page, thanks Tom! Probably going to be bumped quick due to Pico day, but better than nothing! Bug fixes will come fast after users find them.